Nomad Mobile School (NMS)


In developing countries there is a part of population which are poor, deserving nomads people circling across the country due to seasonal change, so most of children of these nomads tribes cannot got basic and necessary education. SKO have specific project for those nomads tribe by arranging tent schools programs which can easily be transferable with tribe without wasting of valuable time anymore. SKO is responsible to payments of monthly salaries to concern teachers. Currently Nomads making movement in between Kabul and Nangarhar provinces.

Funded By Students per class Syllabus Completion Period Class Schedule Exams

Central Asia Institute (CAI)

35-40 According to Ministry of Education 12 years each grade for 09 months 4 subject per day, 180 minutes each day

02 tests in each month midterm and final

Following are the latest updated list of our current ongoing SESP with location of study centre in each district of Afghanistan.

Province Program Nos of D / Bene Gender Number of Schools   Nos of Ind / Bene
Kabul SESP 1,080 Female 04  

40,550 Family Members

Khost SESP 405 Female 04
Nangrhar SESP 405 Female 05
Badkshan SESP 1,215 Female 02
Laghman SESP 4,015 Female 06
Kunar SESP 720 Female 09
Urzgan SESP 270 Female 02