Students Educational Supporting Program (SESP)

TTo promote literacy in rural areas of Afghanistan, SKO financially supports other schools in rural and economically depressed area. Under this program SKO offers some special classes for those students who are weak in academic courses like Mathematics, Science subjects, Computer science etc. Moreover, SKO provide them related study materials, stationeries etc. to approximately 3500 number of deserving students.

Funded By Students per class Syllabus Completion Period Class Schedule Exams
Central Asia Institute (CAI) 40-50 Math, English, Computer Science One Year 90 minutes per day, 6 days a week.

2 Test each book, total 8 tests.

Following are the latest updated list of our current ongoing SESP with location of study centre in each district of Afghanistan.

Province Program Nos of D / Bene Gender Nos of Ind / Bene
Kabul SESP 1,080 Female  

40,550 Family Members

Khost SESP 405 Female
Nangrhar SESP 405 Female
Badkshan SESP 1,215 Female
Laghman SESP 4,015 Female
Kunar SESP 720 Female
Urzgan SESP 270 Female