Students Scholarship Program (SSP)

Under this program S.K.O is providing various scholarship schemes to deserving and needy students. These students include schools students, universities and S.K.O own Star of Knowledge organization students. S.K.O has predefined criteria covering all aspects like survey, attendance percentage, marks obtained, disabled and economically unstable families, orphans and special focus on female. S.K.O has adopted various scholarship schemes which can be in cash and in other means. SKO has been paying scholarships to various University student in cash, TTC (Teacher training college) and CAI school students.

SKO had paid fee of 126 Female/ Male enrolled students of CAI school.

  •  SKO also had paid for arrangements of their uniforms, books and for transportation facilities.
  • SKO pay 3,000 AFG per month to TTC tudents in 02 provinces in 05 districts.
  • SKO pay 2,500 up-to 3,000 AFG for Government and Private University students per month.
  • Provided 242 cash basis scholarships to Government, private and TTC deserving students who directly approached to SKO in following regions;
  1. a) Badkshan 05 University
  2. b) Nangrhar 45 TTC and  University
  3. c) 188 four different districts of Kabul

TTC and Universities

Funded By Students per class Syllabus Completion Period Class Schedule Exams
SSP 381 Female 1,905 Family Members SSP 381