The Konkor Preparation Program

Every student of 12 grade must face a tuff Konkor level if he wants to take admission in any Government and even in Private Universities. For passing this tuff Konkor students are looking for different institutes which offers Konkor preparation courses and agree to pay high level of fees. However, majority of students who want to get preparation of Konkor faced lack of money issues, therefore, they cannot afford these high level of fees charges for Konkor preparation courses. SKO took this responsibilities on its shoulders and to support needy students of 12 grade for Konkor preparation for couple of months before Konkor started. SKO not only provide some necessary books to the selected Konkor participants but also pay monthly salaries to the teachers who prepare the students for the Konkor for the 04 months. During of preparation was 10 months in 2015 and in 2016 the duration is reduced to 04 months.